Camp at the Georgina Art Centre and Gallery by Kim Edmiston

campEach summer we try to find some fun camps for the kids.  This summer it was suggested to me to try the Georgina Art Centre and Gallery, “they have great camps”.  So I thought we’d give it a try.camp1

My daughter is not a fan of camp; as a matter of fact she usually fights me on it and tells me, “no I am not going.”   She has two true loves, horses and art.  I looked on the website to see what we could find. The art camps at GACAG looked like a lot of fun.

We went through the list together and to my surprise she chose two weeks of camp. When I asked her brother he wanted to do the same camps. We signed them up and we got ready for them to attend.

I was a little worried the first day of camp and was pleasantly surprised at how excited they were when I returned to take them home.  They chatted all the way home about the fun they had.  I was concerned about them being inside all day but they weren’t.  They head outdoors a few times through the day for games and playtime.

camp2Each day they would come home with arms full of great work they had created.  On the last day of camp we submitted a few pieces of their art work for “a gallery showing.”  The second camp they took was a camp on Aboriginal Art.  This camp was amazing!  They learned about aboriginal life, sang songs and created artwork that also fit into the theme.

Some of the work they created included a paper mache totem pole and mask, dream catcher, teepee that light up and many more items.

Each day after camp when I picked up the kids they would tell me all about the songs they had learned, life of the children on Georgina Island and even some history of Aboriginal life.

As we approached the day of the gallery showing the kids were excited to invite some of the family to join in and see what they had created.  I was thrilled at the event that was put on by the GACAG and the excitement of the kids said it all.

They walked around with smiles on their faces trying to locate all their work to show grandma, grandpa and their aunt and uncle.  A little presentation was part of the day where they received their certificates from Kidz Art Camp.

The Georgina Art Centre and Gallery have many events including Christmas and March break camps, adult classes, drumming circle and much more.  I would definitely recommend this camp and look forward to attending more of these great camps.




A big thank-you to the staff of the GACAG!  Not only presenting an amazing camp for my children, keeping them entertained and happy, but also for this special day.  I am sure this special gallery showing will be talked about for months to come and remembered as a special moment in their life.