David Dunlap Observatory

The David Dunlap Observatory  (DDO) opened in 1935, a gift to the University of Toronto by Jessie Donalda Dunlap as a memorial to her husband David Alexander Dunlap.

The observatory is nestled in the heart of the Observatory Hill site and boasts 177 acres of land with an additional 12 acres that houses the Observatory itself and the Elvis Stojko Arena. The Observatory sits atop a large hill that provides visitors with a beautifully clear view of the city of Toronto to the south.

Tours and public viewing nights are operated by arrangement with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. It is recommended to purchase tickets for public viewing nights in advance, as they often sell out. Tickets may be purchased on the website.




Throughout our regular season, we hope you’ll join us for an evening of telescope observing, space crafts, space talks and tours. On program nights we check out a wide variety of celestial objects, including the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and more.

We’re looking forward to another great season exploring the night sky with exciting guest speakers and special events. Check out our 2014 Schedule to book your  tickets early.


The David Dunlap Observatory is home to a wide range of public viewing nights, special events and educational programs. Visiting the 23-ton Great Telescope is an awe-inspiring experience.

For any additional information about programs, tours, schedules and more, please visit the DDO’s website.