King Township Museum


The King Township Museum is a place to preserve, interpret and celebrate the history of King Township.

The museum is housed in the Old Kinghorn School SS #23 built in 1861 with modern additions added in the 1960’s. Made up of dedicated volunteers and local residents, the Historical Society started the museum in 1979 and officially opened in 1982. The museum runs programs and events that showcase the collection of local artefacts and history. Through fundraising efforts and volunteer commitment the museum was also able to restore the adjacent King Railway Station to highlight some of its former glory.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday to Friday 10 am — 4 pm

Wednesdays until 7 pm

*Hours are flexible and the museum can open for appointments and for special events, tours and programs.

For more information, please call 905 833 2331 or email at

You can also view the museum’s website for additional information regarding programs and events.