Organics Family Farm

After growing fruit conventionally for decades, we decided to make the transition to organic back in 2001. The decision to make this change was two fold. In response to climate change and the rapid depletion of resources, our family felt we needed to take a more sustainable approach to agriculture. By eliminating pesticides, inorganic fertilizers and by drastically reducing our reliance on fossil fuels we have brought our farm back into a more balanced relationship with our natural surroundings. Through the use of cover crops we have positively influenced soil tilth and biota. By preserving and maintaining shelter belts and wetlands, we share this land with many other creatures.

Our family also thought it was imperative to return to a more naturalized and balanced diet. It has become increasingly evident that todays fast food diet has directly influenced the occurrence of many diseases in both adults and children alike. What has also become apparent is that many compounds required to maintain a healthy body are absent or appear in reduced quantities in our factory farm produced and well travelled foods. That being said, we will try to keep our customers informed of any recent findings on our news page.

Our goal is to farm this land in a manner that provides the greatest health benefits with the least negative impact on our environment. Every opportunity we are given to positively impact our environment we will take. We also welcome the opportunity to share this experience and wonderful food with our family, friends and neighbours and look forward to helping with the return of healthy, local food.

See you this season!

We are located on the north east corner of Reesor Road (10th Line) and Nineteenth Avenue in Markham.  Please enter the farm from Reesor Road.

Organics Farm

7550 19th Ave
Markham, Ontario
L6B 1A8
T: (905) 640-5206