2018 Autumn Art Sale Fundraiser

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Event Description

With accomplished artists from across Canada applying for 50 coveted positions, the Autumn Art Sale is recognized as one of the most prestigious events displaying original works from some of Canada’s most talented painters and sculptors. Presented by the McMichael Volunteer Committee, this sale is a major fundraiser for the iconic McMichael Collection. There is no better setting than the gallery’s stunning Grand Hall to showcase these top artists. Artists work with Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Gouache, Mixed Media, Pen and Ink, Sumi-e, Stone, Wood, Glass and Paper, and each artwork is unique.

This is your opportunity to invest in a beautiful piece of original Canadian art that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and exceptional investment.

Times each day are as follows:

Friday October 19th 6PM-10PM

Saturday October 20th 10AM-5PM

Sunday October 21st 10AM-5PM