Mental Health First Aid(MHFA): Basic

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Event Description

Having a better understanding of mental health and mental illness means we can better support ourselves and those around us, while also contributing to creating a space that is free from stigma and where people feel empowered and encouraged to share their struggles with someone they know.

Take Mental Health First Aid training and become certified, confident and skilled at recognizing early signs of mental health problems. Learn how to identify risks and take steps to intervene and offer support.

Register now for this two-day interactive course* that equips you, your colleagues or your friends with the tools, confidence and resources to recognize and respond to a mental health concern or crisis of those around you, as well as a certificate from the Mental Health Commission of Canada**.

Register today at:

*Cost: $250.00 per person

**Must attend 9am-5pm on both days to receive certificate

Additional Information

The cost of this workshop is $250.00 per person and tickets can be purchased on:

This event takes places from 9am-5pm on March 20-21, 2020. Participants must attend fully on both days in order to receive a certificate from the Mental Health Commission of Canada