“Our Place” Gathering with Lillian Michiko Blakey and Bryce Kanbara

Iki Breath_2020_Letter size.jpgIki Breath_2020_Letter size.jpg

Event Description

The art exhibition IKI: Breath gives insight into Japanese Canadian history while embracing Canada’s goal towards a welcoming multicultural society. The exhibit emphasizes a desire for Canadians to be culturally responsible, adaptable, and inclusive. The event titled “Our Place” Gathering with Lillian Michiko Blakey and Bryce Kanbara is a unique “reenactment” of Bryce Kanbara’s community project “Our Place” from 2011/2012 (shown in the gallery in photographic form).

“Our Place” was a community project made possible through the engagement with multi-cultural families new to Canada (Primarily Chinese, Syrian, Muslim, and South Asian). Bryce connected with these families and asked if he could come into their home and photograph them at their dinner table. The idea was to break down barriers and show the audience the beautiful similarities (having dinner with family and bonding over food) and differences (cultural items in the home and food dishes) that make up Canada. The photographs welcome the audience to sit at the dinner table with the family and join in.

The event hosted with the Town of Newmarket will be a unique experience where the community will be able to experience first hand the effects and benefits of the project “Our Place”.

Following this, downstairs in the gallery, the artists will be onsite to conduct insight tours of their work. If weather permits, join us as we walk to nearby Riverwalk Commons to participate in Bryce Kanabara’s interactive Public Art Experience: Shadow Project.