“Raise Your Children with Healthy Eating Habits” Novella Lui @ ParentConnect Seminar

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Event Description

Novella Lui (RD, MHSc), a registered dietitian and nutrition and health writer, will be speaking at a ParentConnect wellness seminar sharing strategies with parents on how to prevent older babies, toddlers and children become Picky Eaters. In this seminar, topics of interest include common behaviours of picky eaters, the importance of family meals, and strategies to help children build healthy relationships with food. Participants will receive a free gift and a copy of children-friendly recipes. Visit www.ParentConnect.ca for more details.

Registration: call (647)568-8226 or email info@parentconnect.ca

Seats are limited. First come, first served.

About ParentConnect

ParentConnect is a not-for-profit initiative and one-stop online parenting platform founded by a passionate immigrant parent to promote positive parenting and a better future society. Results from a focus group study by ParentConnect shows that there is a huge information gap for new and immigrant parents to access the knowledge and resources they need to raise a family in an unfamiliar and time-stressed environment.