Red Land/Rosso Istria Film Screening in support of the Club Giuliano Dalmato di Toronto

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Event Description

Italian Film with English Subtitles, 2 hours and 30 minutes

Red Land/Rosso Istria is the dramatic retelling of one of Italy’s most tragic battles, and one of the darkest parts of its history. Set in September 1943, the film takes viewers through the days when chaos and rage broke out in parts of Northern Italy tormented by the war. Soldiers, no longer able to distinguish who was on their side, were left to their own defenses when a new adversary moved in. As Tito’s Partisans advanced swiftly and forcefully on unsuspecting Italian villages and towns, driven by rage and anti-Italian sentiment, hundreds of thousands lost their homes and their lives. The film shines a light on several key figures affected by the tragedy, including a young Istrian woman – a student of the University of Padua – brutally assaulted and murdered, simply for being Italian.