Repair Café

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Event Description

Summer is around the corner! Bring in your bicycles, garden tools and other items

in need of repair. Our volunteer fixers will get you ready for the season.

While you’re there you may just learn a trick or two!

For those of you holding on to items that need a quick fix like a chair that needs a leg repair, a vacuum that needs a new cord or a bicycle needing a wheel alignment, a Repair Café may be the place for you. A Repair Café is a place where people can bring a variety of household items to be fixed for free. Whether you’re unsure how to do the repair, don’t have the space or the right tools, the Repair Café offers a solution. Volunteer fixers are available to assess your needs and will do their best to fix your item.

Additional Information

The work carried out in the Repair Café is free of charge on a voluntary basis by the fixers at hand.
Visitors offering broken items for repair do so at their own risk. Experts making repairs offer no guarantee for the repairs carried out with their help and are not liable if objects that are repaired in the Repair Café turn out not to work properly at home.
Fixers are entitled to refuse to repair certain objects at their own discretion.
Fixers are not obliged to reassemble disassembled appliances that cannot be repaired.
Visitors to the Repair Café are solely responsible for the tidy removal of broken objects that could not be repaired.
New parts or materials required for a repair shall be provided by the visitor.