Sipping into Spring Wine Tasting

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Event Description

Come out to the Hartman on March 22nd for a unique wine tasting experience.

Join us in the unique setting of the Hartman with Samantha of Vine and Vintage.

Let’s get real. Coming up with something new and entertaining to do with your best gal pals has become a struggle. You have been to the same restaurants numerous times, seen every new movie worth seeing, and the local club scene just doesn’t excite you like it did years ago. Does this sound familiar? Well, we’ve been there. We understand your wants and needs and have created the solution to solve it all!

Vine & Vintage has revolutionized the wine tasting experience, by creating an intriguing and unique way to connect and have fun with those around you. Want to join in?

With the worst of winter almost over, we are gearing up to swing into Spring! It is time to swap out those cozy big, bold heartwarming red wines, and bring in fresh flavour and bright colour to the table.

Exploring the season’s hottest wines from around the world, experimenting with the perfect food pairings and playing our interactive games and sensory activities are only the beginning of what this memorable experience has to offer.

We don’t believe you have to be a connoisseur to know a good wine and have a good time, so come out and join in on the journey.

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