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Helen Hsu

Visual Arts

My artwork consists of abstract acrylic paintings with colors and compositions that reflect various human experiences. Art has always been my channel of self-expression; it is an agent that elicits reparation and supports recovery. I feel passionate about utilizing art as a nonverbal communication tool and a form of intervention, self-discovery, and healing. My paintings are visual representations of emotions, shared experiences, and personal growth. They are intended as a therapeutic approach to processing mental disturbance, finding insights, and communicating complex emotions.

My process is heavily influenced by the Abstract Expressionism movement. Through body movements, the blending of colors, compositions, gestural brushstrokes, and spontaneity in expression, I wish to connect with the audience emotionally. With the intensities of colors and their unique arrangements, I seek to illustrate the level of complexity that takes place within ourselves and to explore the relationship between the body and the mind.

In many ways, creative activities can help process difficult emotions and carry us through crisis and traumatic events. It supports individuals in developing coping strategies and in moving away from the downward spiral that often holds our mental health hostage. Art provides a temporary relief so that we may recuperate, reset, and move forward. My intention is that, through my paintings, the viewers can see the beauty even in the most tormented shared experiences.

My Work

My Arts Opportunities

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