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Simcoe Contemporary Dancers is a not-for-profit professional dance company that exists to encourage and showcase the development of local professional contemporary dance.

We come together to raise the visibility of contemporary dance, create awareness, build educational opportunities, and reach out to our public to share our love of our art form.

As residents of our community, we are invested in growing and developing local talent and local opportunities for professional development. Our goal is to raise visibility and participation in contemporary dance by creating and performing contemporary dance works; providing workshops/classes at an intermediate to advanced level of training, and providing public access to dance through performances/community involvement.

We value and encourage inter-disciplinary partnerships with individual artists and other local arts organizations.

The nature of our artists and activities provides a safe, positive, neutral environment for people to come together to take part in a shared experience. We facilitate opportunities to converge and collaborate as a community in a non-competitive atmosphere – providing a platform to be expressive, creatively engaged, and challenged.

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