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Veronica Meloche

Visual Arts

Water and the outdoors has been a constant in my life. Growing up on the rural shores of Lake Erie, my earliest memories are rooted in the sound of waves and spending idyllic days in warm swimming pools and long days playing outside. Living now, as an adult, in the bustling Greater Toronto, Ontario area, I find myself searching for the simplicity of my childhood. As a mother, my acrylic paintings are often of my own children and my attempt to explore idealised childhood memories and nostalgia. My work is about documenting small intimate moments, through photo references and quite often, the memory myth of an idealised childhood in ‘simpler’ times and summer.

I began dabbling in pottery in 2010 and have become more and more intrigued by the medium. I create mostly functional ceramic forms and am intrigued with painterly applications of glaze and the memory of the human touch on the clay.

I graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from York University in Toronto, Ontario and later received a Masters of Teaching, Visual Arts from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. I have been teaching Visual Arts in secondary school for close to twenty years.

My Work

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