Experience Spotlight – Cozy B&B and Ice Fishing

By: Valeria Nunziato // February 10th, 2021

Centred around one of Canada’s most longstanding traditional winter activities, Gypsy by the Lake is a local York Region bed and breakfast that’s celebrating 13 years of unmatched hospitality, homemade style cooking and famously gathering ice fishermen from around the globe. Gypsy by the Lake Bed and Breakfast, located in Jackson’s Point, sits just behind Franklin Beach, with a full and stunning view of Lake Simcoe making it both a perfect summer and winter destination. While offering a beach side getaway in the warmer months, Gypsy by the Lake truly shines as a choice ice fishing destination during the Canadian winter. Fishermen from around the world flock to Lake Simcoe at the head of ice fishing season, usually just after the New Year when safe ice forms, with Gypsy by the Lake being a comfortable and homey accommodation for many. Proudly known as “Gypsy by the Lake B&B – home away from home,” this local gem deserves all the praise it receives.

With a history of ice fishing dating back as early as the 1800s, Lake Simcoe is now famously known as the ice fishing capital of North America. Lake Simcoe is popular for its abundance of Perch, a small fish that is a popular catch amongst ice anglers. In 1991, Lake Simcoe was host to the World Ice Fishing Championship and in 1994, the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship. More recently, the fishing ice derby was held at Lake Simcoe in February of 2020. With its backyard right on the shores of Lake Simcoe, it’s no wonder that between its prime geographical location and the outstanding hospitality, that Gypsy by the Lake is a favourite destination amongst travellers.

Completing the experience, Gypsy by the Lake offers its guests homey spaces including accessible kitchens specifically designed for cleaning fish as well as fire pits and BBQs to enjoy your catch of the day. The Hosts of Gypsy by the Lake offer a number of packages to staycationers, including the Ice Fisherman’s Package that is $65.00 per person with a minimum room booking of 2 adults (see website for more details on packages and what’s included). Or, take advantage of the traditional Hungarian cuisine cooked up by the Hostess, including Hungarian Goulash with dumplings and rice, Goulash soup, Chicken Paprikash or Schnitzel. All things considered, Gypsy by the Lake is a true representation of Canadian culture.

*Note: Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend contacting the host before arranging your next trip.