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Men Without Hats set to do Safety Dance at Wintersong 2023


Men Without Hats, featuring lead vocalist Ivan Doroschuk, above, will be part of Wintersong 2023 in Stouffville on January 20 and 21. They’ll be performing on Jan. 21 at Spring Lakes.

This tour will mark the first performances for the band since 2020 and to launch this next phase in the place where they began their career will surely prove to be an emotional and memorable experience for everyone involved!!

The band is out on tour in support of two new albums:

Men Without Hats Again (Part 1)

An exciting & creative five-song EP that features covers of The Tragically Hip; Lou Reed; The Rolling Stones; and Mott The Hoople, as well as a brand-new version of the immortal “Safety Dance”, reinvented as a ballad entitled “No Friends of Mine”.

The decision to record an EP of cover-songs was meant to pay tribute to a few of the band’s longtime favourite artists.

Men Without Hats Again (Part 2)

An innovative, synth-pop masterpiece showcasing the band’s versatile strong songwriting & unique style, Again (Part 2) features the first single “If The World Should End Today” & includes 14 new tracks full of memorable hooks, melodies, and infectious rhythms that honour both the 80’s roots of the group and cutting-edge technology of today.

These albums mark the beginning of a new phase in the career of Men Without Hats, following the induction of “The Safety Dance” and “Pop Goes the World” into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2020. Founding members Ivan and Colin Doroschuk are joined by renowned Canadian guitarist & producer Sho Murray. The albums were recorded in their studio on Vancouver Island where the Doroschuk brothers have lived for the past two decades, since moving from their hometown of Montreal.

“Recording these discs was a magical experience. We set up our own studio in a mountain-top home overlooking the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Island and spent seven months in total isolation making music from sunrise to sunset, with only a family of 13 peacocks as company. Some of the songs are new, some were written over the last 10 years on the road doing demos in the back of the tour bus, and some were written in the 80s and never recorded until now. The new albums represent a clear window into where the band is creatively at this point, as well as a great preview of things to come” said vocalist Ivan Doroschuk.

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