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My YR – Monisha Jani


Name: Monisha Jani

Occupation: Mixed Media Artist

How long have you lived in YR? Twenty-two years

Why did you make YR home? We moved to York region just when it was first being developed. We loved Unionville and knew the area would be perfect for our family.

What do you do for fun in YR?  We love going for walks in the forests, taking drives, skating, going for music shows at Flato theater.

What is one summer/winter event that you never miss in YR? We enjoy going to Unionville to listen to the live music in the Summer. During winter we enjoy the Christmas festivities.

What are your favourite restaurants in YR? Hakka Wok, Little House of Kebobs, Loui’s Kouzana, Mamma Rita’s Cucina, Sunset Grill, Montana’s, Il Fornello.

What YR attractions/events/happenings would you recommend to friends who visit YR? I would definitely recommend checking out the shows at Flato theater. They have a variety of shows for everyone’s taste. Skating at the pond at Unionville is lovely. Also during the summer months it’s lovely to sit by the pond with a picnic or take a walk and listen to the birds. Main St at Markham Rd is another place to check out a coffee place or restaurant.

Bio: I am an artist from Markham, Ontario. Having grown up in many parts of the world – London, Africa, Fiji islands, India and Canada – my love for art grew tremendously. My inspiration comes from the beauty I see and feel around me. Nature is beautiful and inspires me. I love to use recycled materials. I am currently working on a painting which is part of the Global Roots Project. Contact me via lnstagram creativeartist.193 or email – and my work can also be found at My art is turned into fashion by Le Galeriste in Montreal.

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