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My YR – Rosa Calabrese


Name: Rosa Calabrese

Occupation: Owner of Royal Rose Gallery, artist and mother of two, plus Bruno (stop by the gallery to meet Bruno).

How long have you lived in YR?: More than four decades and I’m still proud to call it “home”.

Why did you make YR your home?: Growing up in York Region, I’ve always thought it has the best of everything – including entertainment, shopping, food, natural spaces and community events. Being so close to the highway(s) has allowed us easy drives to downtown Toronto or to cottage country for weekend escapes, so we never really had to think about living elsewhere.

What do you do for fun in YR?: We love to explore the trails, walking or biking. Being surrounded by nature gives me the inspiration to paint and be creative. Now that we have the Gallery, I love to host different types of events, experiences and classes that will hopefully inspire other young artists to get out more and to create!

What is one summer/winter event you never miss in YR?: The Santa Under the Stars parade has always been one of my favourite York Region events, as well as the Aurora Street Festival every summer. Little did I know all those years of standing outside of or walking by 15210 Yonge Street, that I would one day get to be part of the magic this town has to offer.

What are you favourtite restaurants in YR?: Wicked Eats Kitchen + Bar, Aw Shucks and Castle John’s – without a doubt.

What YR attractions/events/happenings would you recommend to friends who visit YR?: The Aurora Saturday Farmer’s market is pretty spectacular and for annual events I would definitely say, Santa Under the Stars and the Aurora Street Festival. The Gallery is walking distance from the Town Park where the farmers market takes place and for the parade and festival, we’ve got the best seats in the house!

Bio: Rosa, a graduate (with Honors) from the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at York University in Toronto, has always had a love and appreciation of/for art. Her early portfolio is filled with both drawings and paintings as her chosen expression. Her inspiration has always come from elements of her personal life and path, including the joy her family brings, inspiration from friends, ideas and visions from dreams and the daily wonders of nature.

Inspiring many new programs and ideas at the McMichael Gallery (Vaughan, ON) for young artists and during her time as Lead Educator, she began creating very unique, textured and multifaceted pieces using natural materials that are often overlooked for use on canvas.

Rosa’s work has been featured in many local art shows and galleries as well as in private collections, including that of NHL Canadian Hockey Hall of Famer, Paul Coffey.

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