Step-by-Step Family Painting Workshop (Magic Forest & Unicorn)

August (PM) Art Workshop - Unicorn Silhouette.pngAugust (PM) Art Workshop - Unicorn Silhouette.png

Event Description

Attend a family-friendly painting lesson with Arruniya Mohendran, art educator extraordinaire at Winged Canvas! 🖌️

🕑 Sun, August 8 | 2:00 – 3:30pm ET | 1.5 hr painting lesson

🌸 Learn how to paint a Mario Van Gogh landscape step by step under the guidance of a professional artist. We’ll cover all the essentials, like how to begin the creative process, sketching, mixing colours, blending techniques, brushwork and more!

💻 Upon registration and payment, participants will receive a link to join the workshop livestream, where they can follow along, comment and ask questions in the live chat!

🎟️Fully online and ultra affordable. One ticket covers the entire family!

✍️Register here!