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Markham Residents Enjoy an Afternoon of Arts at the ‘Our Park’ Event

It was a cloudy day but the announced rain could not stop Markham residents from enjoying an afternoon of arts at the “Our Park: Carnival of the Arts,” event that took place this past weekend in Ada Mackenzie Park.

The sun managed to shine on the performances as onlookers enjoyed two delightful performances in the park.

The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy. Around 200 participants joined the event, and it was amazing to see so many people come together to celebrate dance and music.

The event kicked off with a music workshop taught by the talented Sheldon De Souza, who captured the attention of the audience with his infectious energy and passionate teaching style. He got everyone dancing and creating beats, which set the perfect tone for the rest of the afternoon.

Next up was the Carnival of the Arts dancers, who took the stage and led the audience through seven different dance routines. Each dance was uniquely choreographed and utilized the beautiful settings around the park.

The dancers managed to captivate the audience and took them on a journey and stories told through dance. It was amazing to see people of all ages enjoying themselves!

Our Park: A Community Art Project Grant program was a complete success thanks to Markham Public Art and York Region Arts Council as they have provided local artists, art organizations, and collectives with funding and a great platform to support and showcase their artistry.

Activating Markham and bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds remind us of the importance of art and culture in our community, and how we all can be a part of it.

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