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My YR – Diane Ward


Name: Diane Ward

Occupation: Retired. Diamond Jubilee medal recipient/ farmer/ volunteer

How long have you lived in YR? Almost 75 years

What keeps you in YR? There are so many places in the Region to enjoy, Markham Fair stands out as an important part of Ontario’s heritage and a valuable place in which to make friends. There are the forests where we can wander and enjoy nature. Some days there are open houses held for us to explore what the forest, museum, heritage buildings have to offer. Each municipality has paths to explore and a wonderful place to spend time outdoors with friends. We have community gardens, some grow for our own use and some grow for the food bank. The celebrations held on special holidays is another place to meet people and have fun, the Strawberry Festival in Stouffville on the July 1st long weekend is several days of fun and food! Each Municipality has their own. Museums are an amazing way to explore our heritage and appreciate what ancestors did to help our Region be what it is. Our theatres are another way to be entertained, with plays, music, dancing and of course comedy.

What are you looking forward to? When you want to go to sales held to support our various charities, you will find them every where in the Region. They are coming back as well as art tours. We have been missing all these treasures, but 2022 will be better.

Bio: At 83 years young, Diane Ward continues to be very active around Markham and Whitchurch Stouffville. She’s lived in York Region since 1946. In the 1970s, Ms Ward, with help from the East York School Board, transformed her farm into an outdoor educational centre for Toronto students who only knew about urban living.

Diane is also a past-president of the Markham Fair and has volunteered for the Markham Stouffville Hospital.

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