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Welcome to The Experience Trail

Join us on The Experience Trail as we re-connect with the attractions and events that make York Region a great place to live and visit.

The Experience Trail Marker Project

The YR Experience Trail Marker project is a collaborative interactive art project designed to re-connect people on the land presently known as York Region through art, illustrations by Indigenous artist Donald Chretien, Nipissing First Nation, cultural narrative by Ojibwe Elder Shelley Charles, Georgina Island First Nation and commissioned by the York Region Arts Council.

Credit for Artwork:

This artwork was commissioned by the York Region Arts Council and produced in collaboration with Donald Chretien, Nipissing First Nation and Cultural narrative by Ojibwe Elder Shelley Charles, Georgina Island First Nation”

The Trail Marker Project was made possible with support from FEDDEV Ontario, Central Counties Tourism, and the Ontario Arts Council. 

Don Chretien

Don was raised in North Bay, Ontario near Nipissing First Nation. On these lands he acquired a deep understanding and love for the forests and wildlife of Northern Ontario. These childhood experiences have been fueling his imagination ever since. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1985, Don worked as a commercial artist and designer for many national and international businesses.

Click here to find out more about Don Chretien.

Ojibwe Elder Shelley Charles

Georgina Island First Nation Shelley Charles is a member of the fish clan, Muskinozhe Giigohn, and earned a Master’s of Indigenous Philosophy from Seven Generations Education Institute in Fort Frances, Ontario. She has served as the Indigenous Advisor and Dean of Indigenous Education and Engagement at Humber College.
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