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5 Trails to check out this fall


Fall is an enchanting season. From colourful landscapes, delicious fall flavours, to the start of sweater weather, fall tops the list for many as their favourite season. Before we get into hibernation mode as Old Man Winter approaches, fall is also great time to enjoy a stroll in the park with a pumpkin spice latte in hand, or enjoy a Thanksgiving feast outside by the fire. To make sure you enjoy every magical view this fall season, we’ve compiled a list of five trails to check out this fall in York Region.

1. Willam Granger Greenway – Humber Trail

Photo by Edward Zhang

Sandwiched between two of Vaughan’s most idyllic attractions, William Granger Greenway extends 6.4km with landmarks of Boyd Conservation Park and the famous McMichael Art Gallery at each end, even taking hikers through Kortright Centre for Conservation. The Greenway makes for a great day trip destination, offering snapshots of Vaughan’s greenery and cityscape along the way. The trail also proves versatile, with several checkpoints, making for a quick walk after dinner or on a cool, fall Sunday morning. One of my personal favourites, the sights of the William Granger Greenway are even more beautiful under the red, orange and yellow hues of fall.

2. Unionville Valleylands Trail

Photo by Josh Cheung

A local favourite of Markham area residents for a ‘quick stroll’, the Unionville Valleylands Trail is a 5km easy trail with accessibility for those with baby strollers or wheelchairs. The trail is known for its smoothly paved walkways that take hikers through a fairylike scenery of sprawling trees and blooming wildflowers. The trail also has numerous classic wooden bridges that make for great photo landscapes or as pit stops to take a moment to appreciate the surroundings. A portion of the trail circles around Toogood Pond, a stunning spot to watch the sunset after a long day.

3. Hollidge Tract Accessible Trail

Photo by Bobbisue Edmondson

Hollidge Tract is a nature preserve walking trail advertised as one of the most accessible trails in York Region. Located in the Whitchurch-Stouffville area just north of Aurora Road, the 5.8km trail is a nature wonderland with an abundance of soaring trees that create a shaded and comfortable walk. The main trail breaks off into smaller side trails that curious hikers can explore to extend their hike. The trail is open to all difficulty levels and best of all, it is dog-safe – meaning you may meet a few furry friends along the way!

4. Elgin West Greenway Walk

Photo by Crystal Brown

As the name suggests, the Elgin West Greenway Walk located in Richmond Hill is comprised of a vast landscape of greenery and budding seasonal flowers depending on the time of year you visit. The 2.6km trail is described as beginner-level; its flat terrain makes for a quick, half-day activity and is perfect for families with children. If you’re looking for a true forest-y setting without the bugs and difficulty of trudging through branches and mud, Elgin West Greenway Walk is the trail for you!

Photo by Crystal Brown.

5. King City Trail

Photo by Jason David

This 2.7km loop trail is a great option for those looking to walk a trail not completely cut off from the city, with a piece of the trail hitting a boardwalk and some residential areas within King City. The King City Trail is ideal for mountain biking, with some off-route mini trails available to those who seek them. Over the years, the King City Trail has been modernized to include well-built bridges and steps and makes for an easy-level trail for young children and beginner-level hikers. This trail has also been known to attract some wildlife so, if you are looking to interact with nature, definitely visit the King City Trail and don’t leave your camera behind!

Looking for more?

York Region’s extensive network of trails and forests are among the Region’s most cherished attractions. Born of ancient routes used by First Nations, the trail network now extends throughout each of the nine cities and towns. Choose between paved urban trails or rugged forest paths and be amazed at the diverse landscape, wildlife and vegetation.

Map out your next hike! Check out the York Region Trails Map.

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