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Andrea MacLeod exhibit features portraits bursting with energy


Opening: Andrea MacLeod exhibit – Moments of Humanity: Seeing animals from a spontaneous realism perspective – at the Georgina Centre for Arts & Culture, Saturday, Aug. 6 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Andrea MacLeod grew up fascinated with the human face and could always be found, pencil in hand, sketching and drawing portraits of family and friends. 

Her passion for art and the human form has taken her on an incredible journey from the RCMP to forensic identification artistry. Regardless of where her creative journey has taken her, her delight is clear when she is behind a canvas and painting. 

This is where Ms. MacLeod shines and where her abundant love of life comes through most engagingly. 

Ms. MacLeod credits her desire to give ‘voice’ to nature and its inhabitants, that is inspiration to the intricate, detailed and fascinating subjects she portrays. A pause of wonder in the privileged moments she has captured.

Ms. MacLeod hopes that her works create excitement and give the viewer pause to connect and feel that which is being evoked: innocence, spirit and soul. Artist Statement:

Timeless and tasteful, or modern and bold, my portraits demand to be examined. I use acrylic paints to create highly defined, three-dimensional works on canvas. I’m inspired by the colour, wildness and the creativity of nature and the forms it represents.

In this collection, I’ve focused on spontaneous realism. No exact replicas here. Here colour evokes feelings and emotions and the subjects are often captured unencumbered and inconspicuously. But they still take my breath away. Forget the demure, these portraits burst with energy, life and texture, layer upon layer of evolution and growth. They challenge your expectations of the everyday.”

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