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The Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture

The Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture

Change, as they say, is the only constant in life.

When it came time for the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery to look at it’s future and where it was going, it was no big surprise that they opted to expand their vision and their local influence.

“We’ve restructured recently and have become The Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture,” said Jeanne Faria – Executive Director of the newly christened venue. “The change was needed and one of the major issues we faced was looking at art through a broader lens, the broadest lens.”

Faria noted that the centre has a good sampling of fine art and the permanent collection is also quite robust but there was a lack of attention being paid to other disciplines, including the literary arts, the theatrical arts, dance, music and so on.

“We want to become a space that celebrates all of the arts.”

To that end, Faria and her team have already introduced programming that would cause a regular gallery-goer to pause.

In mid-February, the venue launched ‘’Unleash your Inner Witch’, a series of workshops that take place until the end of March, focused on alternative beliefs and lifestyles, including ‘Out of the Broom Closet’, ‘Talking to Spirit’, ‘Crystals and Intuition’ and ‘Spirit and Body – The Energies that Move Within’.

“This is our first piece of cultural programming,” Faria said. “We have three facilitators who are doing a variety of programming that has to do with historical and cultural presentations around wicca, paganism, witch-craft , spirituality and crystals. The community has really embraced it.”

The centre is also working to bring a game of TAG to life.

“TAG is an online game that we’re playing on Facebook,” Faria explained. “We will tag an artist who will then tag another artist. Each tagged artist can then put up a piece of their work – a painting, a video, a poem, a story.

“Anything that people are doing and creating will be put out there. I think it’s something that will build our community. It’s all about sharing creativity and connection with the community. At the end of the year, we’re going to present the person with the most likes on their post the Georgie – a fun way to thank them for their participation.

Come early spring, the centre will be putting out a call for street artists who will be invited to work on large-scale canvases to create works that will be on display in front of the gallery for the summer.

In June, the centre is planning to host the first-ever Georgina Pride Festival.

“Supporting the LGBTQ community in Georgian as a unique and creative community is one of our goals,” said Faira. “We want to showcase the creative works of the LGBTQ community but we also want to create a celebration so we’re looking at a drag show, beer tents and a quality festival atmosphere. Super excited about this project.”

Faria is hoping to showcase a variety of artistic and cultural experiences and an opportunity to explore and expand public perceptions of art and culture as a part of community and life in Georgina. Her mission is to promote creativity, learning and growth and to inspire passion and appreciation for the arts and culture.

There is a Gallery Shoppe that sells unique and original pieces created by Artists and Artisans in the community. The GCAC is proud to support local and emerging talent and welcomes creatives of all ages to come explore, build community and most of all…create!


Georgina 149 High Street, Box 1455, Sutton, Ontario L0E 1R0
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We are thrilled to announce the Inaugural Winner of Our Park Community Art Grant to debut in Ada Mackenzie Park in June, YRAC member Zoe Kwan is the recipient.

Created to incubate local community arts initiatives, Our Park is a new funding program conceived of, and funded by, Markham Public Art, and managed jointly with York Region Arts Council.

Kwan’s project, Carnival of the Arts, will be presented in Ada Mackenzie Park, in Markham, on Saturday, June 24 with two performances at Noon and 6 PM. Sunday, June 25 at 1 PM is the alternative rain date.

For more information on Zoe and the grant visit: #linkinbio

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