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Glenn Marais and The Mojo Train rolls into Wintersong 2023


Above: Glenn Marais and The Mojo Train will be performing at Mulligans in Stouffville Friday night as part of the Wintersong 2023 Music Festival.

Glenn Marais consider himself to be a writer first and foremost.

“I am a songwriter, poet, author, and playwright,” he says on his website. “My love of music has driven my career and in particular my songwriting and guitar playing to where I consider myself to be an artist. Not just a musician, but an artist with the capacity and ability to organize and connect people and create projects on a large scale that ultimately seek to benefit and enrich the lives of people in my community.”

Driven by the desire to help people, to make their lives better and in the process, Marais’ own heart has grown and gotten bigger and his art and music have flourished.

Marais says he is always working on numerous projects at once, but his main focus now is a follow up album for Glenn Marais and the Mojo Train, a delta blues gospel record and musical play, entitled Jook. He’s planning a follow up to his first book of Poetry, Dance with Fear, Live in the Light, entitled Life Makes a Pretty World; his first novel and a brand-new conscious clothing line, Maraispeak that features his motivational quotes and excerpts from poems in customizable designs.

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