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Lunar New Year celebrations this year will be virtual, again


By Shelly Khushal

Lunar New Year is one of the most important and celebrated holidays for Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and other East Asian communities. It is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead with hope and optimism.

Lunar Chinese New Year 2022 takes place on February 1st, 2022.

Instead of the Chinese New Year, the phrase “Lunar New Year” is commonly used in non-Chinese countries. Is there actually a difference between these two phrases?

In China, there is no difference between the Chinese New Year and the Lunar New Year. These two phrases both refer to the Spring Festival (春节 chūnjié).

However, the Lunar New Year in other countries is based on the purely lunar calendar instead of the lunisolar calendar. Therefore, the Lunar New Year date could be different in different countries.

In addition, the duration of the celebration period and holiday is not the same in different countries. There is a 7-day public holiday in China, while the holiday shortens to 3 days in Korea and Singapore.

Korean Lunar New Year is the Korean version of Chinese New Year. It is celebrated at the same time as Chinese New Year (except for a rare case every several years where they fall a day apart) and, as the name indicates, is dependent on the lunar calendar.

Many Korean families use this day to honor ancestors, have special food, and play traditional games. Gifts include fresh fruits, ginseng, honey, gift baskets (with tuna, spam, traditional sweets, dried fish) toiletries, and cash.

Chinese zodiac years begin/end at Chinese New Year (in January/February). Each year in the repeating zodiac cycle of 12 years is represented by a zodiac animal, each with its own reputed attributes. Twenty-twenty-two is the Year of the Tiger.

York Region Festivities

2022 CASTP Chinese New Year Gala

Due to public gathering concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this event will be held online on Saturday, January 22, 2022, 7:00PM to 9:00PM.

No admission ticket is required to join the even. Ticket is required for the raffle only.

For more information:

The Federation of Chinese Canadian in Markham (FCCM)

Due to COVID restrictions, FCCM will be hosting the Chinese New Year 2022 event virtually. The program will be broadcasted on FCCM YouTube Channel and Facebook as well as cntv/cctv, Fairchild, Wow Tv, and 365 TV from Jan 30, 2022 – Feb 13, 2022.

Get Drawing: Year of the Tiger Workshop

It’s an uncertain time for all of us so we invite you to stop, look, breathe and do some drawing!

As a warm-up exercise, you will get the opportunity to play with shapes on paper to create a playful image of a Tiger. For the main activity, Pui Lee will show you step-by step how to draw a Tiger! She will then show you how to complete your picture by either adding tone and/or colour using the drawing tools and/or using collage possibilities. Art is always great for relaxation, reduction of stress and above all, is good fun! This workshop is well suited for those not so confident with drawing, aiming to help get you started with some creative ideas and techniques to try out. You will end up with some drawings that you can continue with at your own leisure if you don’t finish within the session itself.

You’ll need:

A clear workspace which has a firm and steady surface

A4 white paper




Colouring pens/pencils (optional)

Soft pastels (optional)

Oil Pastels (optional)

Scissors (optional – for collage)

Glue (optional – for collage)

Unwanted newspapers & magazines (optional – for collage)

Tissue paper (optional – for collage)

Recommended for: Young adults & adults – no experience necessary.

Joining the workshop: The workshop will be delivered via Zoom. You will receive a Zoom workshop link and password to join the workshop after registration. Please join the workshop on time.

Important: Participants are expected to adhere to our online event Code of Conduct. We will be kind, respectful and patient towards each other in a positive and supportive environment. For more information:

Shelly Khushal is a busy mother of two and an active member of the York Region community, always keeping abreast of the social scene, latest trends and products; highlighting fun events in and around York Region.

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