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My YR – Bernadette Connors


Name: Bernadette Connors

 Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

How long have you lived in YR? Born and Raised

 Why did you make YR home? I’ve never really lived anywhere else. lol!

 What do you do for fun in YR? I really enjoy trivia night at Turkey Shoot Brewery, it’s a great community spot with wonderful people…. lots of laughs.

What is one summer/winter event that you never miss in YR? Performing in the Sutton Santa Claus Parade! I’ve been doing it since I was 16 years old, and even when live performances weren’t allowed, I recorded some videos last year for Caroline Mulroney’s float in the Georgina Drive-Thru Parade 😀

 What are your favourite restaurants in YR? That is a TOUGH one! There are some amazing spots for sure, but ordering “Dave’s Dill Pickle” from Papa Luigis is never a disappointment. (Also kinda fun that I know who it’s named after.)

What YR attractions/events/happenings would you recommend to friends who visit YR? Connors Music’s annual “Music In The Streets” festival is a fantastic community event with young aspiring musicians performing at all skill levels, it’s a great community event.

Short bio: Bernadette Connors is a household name in Georgina – whether it’s at her family owned music store, or on stages across North America, Bernadette can be found sharing her gift and bringing music to the people. For more than two decades Bernadette has been wowing audiences with her voice and stage presence, often surprising audience members who express that they didn’t expect a sound so big to come from someone so small.

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