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Newsmakers 2023 Highlights Donald Chrétien and the Experience Trail

SHARE recently highlighted the work of Donald Chrétien on the Experience Trail as part of their Newsmakers 2023 Series!

In the article, Donald discusses his Blue Jay Trail Marker which was unveiled in Stouffville in April 2023. Chrétien said there is a little circle within the blue jay’s heart that represents the fire teaching where everything has an energy of fire that burns inside. “If the fire burns really, really strong, little sparks fly off,” he said.

Donald also shared that, “we’re sort of zooming by everything right now. It is a magnifying glass so maybe you should take a closer look at what’s around you and how we’re all connected,” regarding all of the details hidden in the trail markers around York Region.

Check out the Newsmakers Article here and learn more about the Experience Trail Marker Project here!

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