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Public invited to colour mural at Sharon Temple on Canada Day


Each year the Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum welcomes hundreds of residents to the museum to celebrate Canada Day in a place that is so important to the history of our country.

Featuring games, bouncy castles, BBQ, live entertainment and more, this is a must-attend family event, starting at 11 a.m.

This year, artists Aitak Sorahitalab and Naghmeh Ghasemzadeh drew on their experiences as immigrants from an unstable zone, where peace is never taken for granted, to bring together a larger-than-life mural, above, that will be unveiled at the Sharon Temple on Canada Day.

It showcases the importance of bringing inclusion, fusion, and peace to our Canada Day celebration.

The work is a collaborative community art piece proudly brought to you by the Sharon Temple Museum Society and the York Region Art Council’s Local Pairings project.

Divided into four areas inspired by the architecture of the Sharon Temple, the design captures the four core virtues of the Children of Peace: love, hope, faith and charity, as well as the history and heritage of the surrounding communities.

Visitors are asked to pick up a marker and participate in this cooperative piece of art. Feel free to colour in sections of the design and use the open areas and the pillars to share your translations of Love, Hope, Faith, and Charity.

The artists hope this design brings hope, joy, and a sense of belonging and reconciliation to the community.

After this event, the mural will be displayed at the Sharon Temple and become a community art piece that moves around East Gwillimbury throughout the year.

The Sharon Temple is located at 18974 Leslie St. Sharon, Ontario

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