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Shake off the winter doldrums and walk among the forest canopy


By Wayne Doyle

If you’ve never been treetop trekking, do yourself a favour and head out some time soon.

It’s a great experience and one that can be enjoyed by the entire family. That’s right – the entire family.

I went out years ago when it was freshly introduced. The first time was with a group of pals and the second was with my youngest daughter, who was about six at the time. Both trips were excellent.

With pals, we explored the tops of the forest, traversing wooden bridges strung between trees, 30 or so feet above ground. Even though we were securely fastened with safety ropes and fitted harnesses, it was no easy task to master. With every step, the path would swing to-and-fro. Grasping the guide wires until my knuckles were white was exactly what you shouldn’t go. Go tense and everything just swings out of control. Discover the natural rhythms and it becomes an almost Zen-like experience – you become one with the obstacle.

This theory was reinforced when I took the youngest and watched her maneuver her way around the course designed specifically for young folk with the greatest of ease. Having no inherent fear, children simply find a groove and stay with it. They don’t know any better and thus, they embrace it without reservation.

I tell this story because Treetop Trekking in Stouffville will be opening for the season in a couple of days – April 1 – and with the warmer temperatures arriving, it’s a great way to shake off the winter doldrums, get some fresh air and exercise and enjoy one of the region’s great attractions.

“We are excited to welcome people back into the trees for some much needed physical and mental excitement, and fresh air,” said Stouffville Treetop Trekking marketing director Mike Stiell in an email. “To celebrate the arrival of spring we are offering a Spring has Sprung promotion, offering 20% off most experiences for the entire month of April.”

Treetop Trekking adventurers will find savings on Zipline & Aerial Game Treks and Discovery Kids Courses during the month of April.

To learn more, please click here.

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Wayne Doyle is the manager of marketing and communications for the York Region Arts Council. Wayne is always looking for great stories to share with readers of If you’ve got a York Region story to tell, contact Wayne:

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