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Assembly Park Block Party-Vaughan

This Weekend at the Artist Expo at Assembly Park


Summer is right around the corner, and we are kicking off the outdoor season this weekend, May 27th and 28th, at the Assembly Block Party in Vaughan. 

York Region Arts Council will be in full effect at the Block Party hosting the EXPO & Art Market that will run Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm – 7 pm.

Enjoy a great variety of food, artisanal markets, workshops and unforgettable entertainment that will create amazing memories filled with art and music. Let’s celebrate the diverse, vibrant and beautiful future of Vaughan.

The EXPO and Market will feature:

  • Youth Art Zone & Contest Draw
  • Live Music sponsored by Arcadia Academy of Music. Saturday from  2 pm – 4 pm
  • Circus Workshop 12 and1 pm by YRAC member Dawn Dreams

We take pride in engaging and getting our community involved in all art-related events and programs while providing local artists with a variety of channels for them to display their artistry.

The event will feature a variety of artists who will be exhibiting their work this weekend:

Daniel Gray: My paintings are meant to force the viewer to question what they see. It is my hope that every viewer sees something different and does not simply just see paint on a canvas. I find painting to be very therapeutic. My main medium is acrylic paint on 1.5” gallery canvas. I am still figuring out my style”.

Owner and sole artist of DG Abstracts. Started painting about 2 years ago in order to release stress and to relax. He has several paintings that have been sold and are in private galleries in Ottawa Ontario, Jasper Ontario, Niagara Falls Ontario, Niagara Falls New York, and Williamsville New York.

Alyssa Persad: “I paint on thin canvases, then I sketch a light outline of my idea. I use oil paints and acrylic paints. Then finished with resin gloss. After my grandma passed, I found myself in tune with painting. I would sit for hours painting. I let out all my thoughts and emotions in my artwork”.

An 18-year-old upcoming artist from Trinidad and Tobago with a passion for art in all aspects. She specializes in the urban style. 

Yafang Shi: “I have been exhibiting my work on women’s social movements and women’s voices. This exhibition considers the politics of the body, gender and art from a feminist perspective, the censorship that feminist work on the body is subjected to, the tough battles against censorship, and the positive changes that activism against censorship have brought and can bring to women’s lives, institutions, communities and society”.

Yafang has been advocating for the right to freedom of expression and equitable treatment, the amendment of the Public Art Policy and the establishment of a Human Rights Policy, and Charter and Ontario Human Rights Policy-proof practices at the library. 

Mark Viola: A multi-disciplinary artist and educator from Toronto. With a background in both architecture and visual arts, his work is rooted in a strong design aesthetic with a tendency toward minimalism and vibrant colour palettes. Drawing on his passions for pop-culture and vintage stylistic elements, Viola produces one-of-a-kind artworks that are distinct for their creative use of texture, colour layers, visual elements, and typography.

Drawing on stylistic traditions of the Art Deco and vintage Poster design, Viola mixes contemporary issues with traditional practices. Encompassing stylistic elements from street art and stencil work, the pieces reflect Viola’s roots as a contemporary pop artist. Bold areas of flat colour move toward abstraction, texture creates repetition and movement, and tonality and hue give the work depth. Mixed-media and non-traditional canvases further the concept that images, more so than content, have value in our contemporary world.

Dawn Dreams: A contemporary circus artist with a specialization in contact juggling, clowning, and ground level circus arts. With a performance career spanning since 2005, she has captivated audiences across four continents as both a street and stage artist. 

One of her notable achievements includes a captivating 38-minute solo juggling show, accompanied by the enchanting melodies of Scheherazade, performed alongside the esteemed Kingston Symphony Orchestra.

Jessica Chaberski: I aim to create work that connects deeply using holistic design, art, video, and augmented reality”.

Talynka Drescher: I use my creations as a vessel to share my personal experiences and love with the universe. My own life journey has shaped my soul-ful creations and is a means to cultivate coherence and peace, and as such – be able to inspire the same in others”.

She is an emerging visual Artist, who takes pride in exploring the relationship between humans and nature – really drawing emphasis on the day-to-day beauty that is everywhere and anywhere. This is clearly outlined by her use of color, texture and vibrant tones

This is a great family fun option for you to explore this weekend. Come and enjoy the Artist Circle EXPO & Art Market in partnership with Assembly Park!

For more information about the Block Party and the Expo visit:

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