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Wondering what to get Mom? Here’s what she wants. Really.


By Shelly Khushal

Being called “Mom is the most beautiful gift I have been given.

If you’re like me, we are usually the last priority on the long list of people and things. So, this Mother’s Day, why not move ourselves up on the list and enjoy something just for us!

Here are my top suggestions for what I would love this Mother’s Day:

Hiking with my family

There is nothing more peaceful than being in nature. If I come across a stream or waterfall, even better. The sound of birds chirping add to the experience. My top choice for a rigorous hike against a beautiful backdrop is Twickenham Park in Richmond Hill.

Relaxing dinner out

As the primary cook in the house (and no hubby, BBQ does not count as cooking), I do need a break now and again. So, I propose a night out – free from cooking. This Mothers Day, we will be trying out Efendi Turkish Restaurant in Thornhill and I can’t wait to try their Adana Ali Nazik, Beyti Kebob, Pide and Kebob platter. And the best part, no clean up!


I am big photo lover. I capture everything in frame. This Mother’s Day, I would love a photo slide show presentation created and narrated by kids and displayed on the home TV!

Gift Basket

Although I prefer experiential gifts over material ones, there is something to be said for a good candle and a good book. Add a face mask and COFFEE, and I am on cloud nine!


Finally, after a fun packed day, and when all is quiet, I would love to cuddle up under a snug blanket and watch a documentaryuninterrupted!

Shelly Khushal is a busy mother of two and an active member of the York Region community, always keeping abreast of the social scene, latest trends and products; highlighting fun events in and around York Region.

Main photo: Our writer – Shelly Khushal.

Photo row, from left: On Shelly’s list of what she wants for Mother’s Day – a hike in Twickenham Park, a meal from Efendi Turkish Restaurant, a slide show of photographic memories and a gift basket of goodies.

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