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Young girls inspired to try equestrian pursuits by all-female team


By Shelly Khushal

Horse riding is an inclusive sport. I don’t know of any other sport where men and women are treated equally. – Maxine Lewis, owner Forward Riding School.

I visited Forward Riding School where owner Maxine Lewis shared her story behind opening the riding school and her passion for horses, which stems from her childhood riding and competing in Vermont.

In my discussion with her, Maxine explains that the typical rider these days is a young girl, aged seven to 12. She said it’s due, in large part, to the fact that the Canadian Nation’s cup team was comprised of all women – an historic first

Forward Riding School has horses available for every caliber of rider.

Forward Riding School is open year round, with three indoor arenas. Each season has its benefits. The summer months offer outdoor riding against a beautiful nature landscape; fall offers the best weather and temperatures; and winter does not stop riding classes from running as the indoor arenas are heated…and this is a perfect opportunity to practice and hone skills.

Forward Riding School offers, semi private, private and group lessons up to a maximum of four people for 50 minutes. While the riding school does not currently offer Summer Camps, they will commence with PA Day Camps.

Before you make a huge commitment, here are some of things to consider:

General athletic ability – you have to have some level of physical rigour to be able to ride, as it is a physically demanding sport;

People think horses do all the work, but it is an equally reciprocal activity;

Horse riding is a rhythmic sport and both the rider and animal are in rhythm with one another;

As your partner is a living animal, you must have a level of compassion; and

Finally, horse riding is expensive  

If you are looking for a fun outing, where families can spend quality time together, Forward Riding School offers a family rate of $280 for horse-riding for 50 minutes. The farm also has donkeys and swans on site.

Location and Contact Information:

Forward Riding School

13243 McCowan Road, Stouffville, ON L4A 7X5

Phone: 416-925-1809

Shelly Khushal is a busy mother of two and an active member of the York Region community, always keeping abreast of the social scene, latest trends and products; highlighting fun events in and around York Region.

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