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YR Arts Awards extends submission deadline to March 13


The York Region Arts Council has announced that it will be extending the submission deadline for applications to the inaugural YR Arts Awards to March 13, 2022.

The YR Arts Awards are a celebration of the imagination in all its many forms and are meant to showcase a true reflection of the creative community of York Region with works by YRAC Members voted by YRAC Members.

The 2022 YR Arts Awards feature five categories and a Members’ Choice Award – each with a $1000 cash prize.

Community Engagement Award
This award recognizes art as an active connector within the community. How did the work engage the community? What part of our community did it serve and how?

Innovator Award
This award recognizes art as a way to introduce new ideas and perspectives. How was the project/work innovative? Did it introduce new ideas, methods, or perspectives?

Resiliency Award
This award recognizes art as a tool to build, develop and fuel resilience. How did the work help with recovery; how did it help overcome adversity?

Sustainability Award
This award recognizes art as a way to create sustainability. How did the work/project improve the quality of life, protect the ecosystem or preserve natural resources for future generations?

Emergence Award
This award recognizes art as a catalyst to increase awareness and elevate the profile of a subject or person. How did the work/project propel the artist forward, taking the artist / work to a new level, introducing to new audiences or experiences. Are you an emerging artist or a seasoned artist who reached a new level of impact?

Members’ Choice Award
The submission that receives the most votes overall as the favourite art submission.

To submit a work or learn more about the YR Arts Awards, click here. To become a member of YRAC, please visit here.

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